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Уведомление о ликвидации компании Hemosystem

Good Morning,

We are sad to inform you that our company Hemosystem will close definitively in the following days, after its liquidation by the court of commerce of Marseille on October 31.

Our team has tried to save our technology until the last hours, but now, there is nothing more we can do.

Since 1999, we were focused on developing technologies able to insure a safest blood for transfusion and an earlier diagnostic for septicemia.

Scansystem, rapid detection method for Bacteria in Platelets concentrates has been developed in cooperation with European Blood transfusion authorities to address the issue of bacterial contamination of Platelets.

BacProbe has been developed to offer an early diagnostic of Septicemia and the rapid identification of the strain. It was to be marketed in 2007.

Our core technology for transfusion, ScansystemT, has been developed in collaboration with European blood agencies at their request, but we cannot wait any longer their decision to implement the bacterial detection for platelets products. It seems that tens of bacterial contaminations following a transfusion are not enough to convince some Europeans countries to implement a test which is already mandatory in a large number of countries

We are sorry for patients that will be victims of bacterial contamination in the future.

We are more optimistic for BacProbe technology which should be transferred to a large multinational diagnostic company and therefore will contribute to save lives in the coming years.

We want to thank all the people that have participated to our Venture, helped or supported us since 1999.

Good bye and we hope to be in touch with you again,

Best regards,

Jean-Pierre HERMET
Tel +33 (0)1 41314710
Mob +33 (0)6 09183998
Fax +33 (0)1 41314710