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Исследование новых кровезаменителей: информирование общественности заменяет информированное согласие пациента

Treatment for trauma will test new fluid

Ethics - Oregon Health & Science University will take part in a study of a saline solution for patients too badly hurt to give consent
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

With the backing of regional medical staffs and ethics boards, Portland doctors soon will start testing a promising trauma treatment that bypasses traditional patient informed-consent rules.

Oregon Health & Science University is one of 11 centers in the United States and Canada hoping to collaborate on the test, which will evaluate a new type of saline solution that paramedics give intravenously to badly injured patients in place of highly perishable blood.

The Oregonian

The research had posed an ethical dilemma, because patients eligible for the study are unconscious and unable to give their consent for experimental treatment. But a federal Food and Drug Administration rule allows an exception if the medical center adequately notifies the community and gains approval from independent panels of scientists.